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Product & Brand Photography

If you need a space for your next photoshoot, we’d love to host you! From product launches to catalogue photography, we can help you get the shots you need.

The double height ceiling gives you a great amount of space to work with. There are multiple light sources from the full height glass front and the lantern skylight.

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A lovely light and airy space, with crisp white walls and ample room for photography equipment. I did a shoot here at the start of the year and there was also plenty of natural light to work with if this is required instead of studio lighting. A great large space that is ideal for photographers!

Ter Main
The Main space
Green Room 1
The Green Room

The Rooms

Main Space

Within The Engine Room you’ll get a 60m2 main space with 63 amp three phase power in the room. There are also plenty of three pin 13 amp sockets around the room to power any equipment you need to run the shoot. The double height ceiling and full length glass main doors mean there’s plenty of natural light in the space.

Green Room

There is an adjoining space we’ve called the Green Room, which is setup like a studio flat for you to relax in. It comes with a kitchenette, sofas, dining table and has a separate entrance to allow access whilst the main room is being used. You also get 1Gb Wi-fi with the space, allowing you to provide live updates, live stream or run audio and video for your shoot.

Control Room

There is a second adjoining space we’ve called the Control Room, which is for storing any equipment or cases you don’t need whilst you are running the shoot. It can be used for equipment repair and a secondary shoot location for close up shots if required.

The Engine Room schematic
Schematic of The Engine Room